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May 16, 2007



Yikes. Those were the phone calls I dreaded right after I got engaged!

I am a terrible bride, and I couldn't care less about color schemes, registering, engagement parties...I wanted to elope. But I was always thankful for the enthusiasm other people had for my wedding...


Congrats to the tres cute couple!

Also, I feel the same way about boys gathering information! They NEVER get the right details, and always look perplexed when you ask for them. Why is it so hard?!?!


Congratulations to Anthony and Amanda!

I want to know all the details!


Congratulations to Anthony and Amanda!

I want to know all the details!


(surpressing high-pitched squeeeing noise at the sight of adorable, be-spectacled couple) Please pass my hearty congratulations on to them. I love that their pic is in the LIBRARY.


Haha! Yes, I took that photo of them one night when we were hanging out at Barnes and Noble. I think it was the Harry Potter release night.

A Dirt Girl

They certainly look like a fabulous couple.

On a similar note...my husband works with a friend whose wife is expecting. I have to send him to work everyday with a question to follow-up the question from the day before. It takes him about 5 days to get information that takes me 5 minutes.


they are super cutes


If you are ever bored one night call Matt and start asking a lot of detailed questions about HIS OWN wedding and see what he says:-D
Ummm Oct 6
2 in the afternoon
Ummm thats all I know except its expensive!


Ah. Men and information...
They can give detailed information about bodily excretions and how/why/what they came from but party/wedding/birth/pregnancy information seems to elude them (did I use that correctly? --I'm an English major and I still screw up! ARGH!).
Brother getting married this summer... Does he have a clue about all those details you mentioned? Not a One. Unless you count that he refuses to discuss changing the date (I have a conflict and the guilt is killing me!) even though they are only getting married in Mom's backyard. No time. No colors. No attendants.
At least he's working. The Fiance' is so good for him I really don't care if they get married at Denny's!
Congrats to the BIL/FSIL!

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