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May 31, 2007



You do understand that I canNOT ever speak to you again because YOUR SKIN DOES NOT LOOK ANY DIFFERENT THAN YOUR STUDENTS. Can I offer you my SOUL in return for your beauty secrets?

Right on, though. Good one.


you all look so adorable.
i need to see the video.

Nicole & Sadie

The Barquan post from April was hilarious!!! And he reached his 20 comment quota...and school is almost out for your students!! When are we going to get to see Barquan's second geust post??? :)


According to Barquan, he is "working on it." He has been "working on it" for over a month, so it must be good. Or very long.

Barquan johnson

Actually, Barquan is a nerd who has absolutely no time on his hands. He is too busy working on tear-jerker videos and losing all of his money. But i promise that there will be a guest post in the near future, since school is out, and this robotics team is dead. HOLLA!

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