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April 05, 2007



yeah i noticed that on tuesday... i thought it was a pirate arrg


Oh, jeez! Good thing you were able to get it back. I would totally forget about renewing mine, too, but my host has always been good about emailing me in advance. I didn't even know you owned that site (I get here using the .typepad address...)


My links take me right to the typepad address as well, so I didn't notice either. Relived for your sake all the same.


One of my little nightmares, forgetting to renew my domain. Yes, I'm that neurotic.


Thank goodness! I had to do that once too. Then I put it on an alarm on my pda so it wouldn't happen again.

Your luck the alarm will go of in con-law or some other random law school location.

The son-in-law was in contracts class when his phone went off. He had forgotten to turn it off. Thank goodness it was his summer internship hopeful on the other line.


you should buy the domain for sliceof... every color. It would be pretty cool now that I think about it.


I love the banana cutter!! I am really going to get it. LOL. Love your site too, come check out mine. Talk to you soon.


Mrs. Wallace you are amazing and your blogs are thoroughly amusing. I love your stories so keep em comin! :D

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