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April 27, 2007



He writes as well as most of the people I work with. Sigh...


LOL... man I miss the team and the wild antics of the pilot/barquan


go brian go


Um, is it legal for a high-schooler to be a "sexy beast?"


Ooooohhhh....a SexyBeast high schooler. Ok, sorry, back on Topic:

Dear, dear Barquan-

Honey, the question is not what goes with a leather jacket. It's what DOESN'T go with it. The answers are (respectively): Jeans, black pants, t-shirts, boots, chucks, creepers, flat-front slacks (as long as they're dark) a snarly lip and....a pretty girl. In FUTURE of course.

Now...as to the other issue: I would treasure this time - you are not ever, ever, EVER going to look this cool with that hat on, ever again. You go boy. Also: Punctuation is your friend.


brian is funny and smart.
he can do a guest post at my blog too of he wants.
my blog is serioulsy pointless.


I am anxious to find a blog about fried chicken now!


This was entertaining enough to have him back again--so I will throw in my two cents so he can get closer to 20 comments!!!


WUT DA FOOZIE is my new favorite expression.


Microphones and fuzzy hats go well with leather jackets, don't you think?:-)

A Dirt Girl

You are now officially over the halfway mark. Good luck.


and yes WUT DA FOOZIE is my new line also.


Interesting experiment. I say Brian needs to brush up on his spelling and grammar skills before heading off to college.

That said, I still very much enjoyed his post. Let him come back every once and awhile.

(I think you should link to his MySpace page.)


Ok it was a silly post but I work with abused and neglected kids so I am always happy to help "normal" teenagers.

Smoochies, EVERYTHING goes with a black leather jacket except maybe PJs.


Dear Brian,

I was rooting for another 'guest post', bro. Bummer.


Depends on the situation and the type of jacket. If it's a nice leather blazer or cool fitted jacket, just about anything can be pulled off as long as you wear it with confidence.

If it's a type of bomber, remember this: Tom Cruise called and wants to ride your tale anytime.

And if you ask "WUT DA FOOZIE" about the Tom Cruise line, ask Mr. or Mrs. Wallace.

I vote for the return of Barquan in his leather jacket.


I am keeping this list for the next time I run out of ideas for my blog... like later today. I also love how NUDITY gets capitals but sex doesn't.

I hope 3 more people comment so we can hear more from this young chap. :)


Hi Brian,
Regarding the tortilla's- corn tortillas are made w/Masa and water. Maybe a dash of salt- no lard, no fat at all and are very tasty. Much better than flour tortillas and very easy to make.


Sweet Lord...that made me snicker in my office.

Two thumbs up for Barquan.


"WUT DA FOOZIE"...only high schoolers can come up with a phrase like that!!! Loved the post Brian!


WUT DA FOOZIE was defanitely my fave part...but it was just ok...


You can't beat a blog about fried chicken.


I think you've reached twenty, but this was priceless. Bring on Barquan!


why did you all encourage this?


I haven't been here in a long, loooonnnnng time and so glad I visited today. Thanks Brian. You have restored my faith in children over the age of three.
Okay. Maybe.

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