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April 16, 2007



I visit blogs because it is a way to keep in touch with people. I rarely read blogs written by people I do not know. I also blog because it is a wonderful outlet and it's nice to write for somebody other than myself (ie a journal or a diary)

Jennifer Berthiaume

I agree with Benji. It's nice to keep up with people that you were once so close to but time and distance have caused a seperation of sorts. And why So Pink? Personally, about 95% of the time reading little things that you write remind me of good times that put a smile on my face. Even when I'm having a crappy day I can smile knowing that I am not the only one. Or just that there are lovely things such as cute little mushroom timers or banana slicers that exist.

ally bean

I read a wide variety of blogs because I like to learn about how other people handle their lives and what they are thinking about things. I know no one in real life that keeps a blog, so for me it's getting to know strangers.


it is nice to read about someone else's life and see the different experiences. it is also nice when you run across something that is familiar to you and you can see how someone else was effected by that problem and how they handled it. we all get tired of our routine, which unforturnately includes our friends and loved ones at times, so it is an escape from that world that is so familiar into one where everything is kinda new!

P.S. Slice of Pink is great! I read everyday.


Participating in blog-land has allowed me to interact both virtually and in-person with way more people than I ever would have met otherwise. I've always thought I express myself better through writing than speaking, so it's a good way for me to open up and show people who I am, what I'm thinking about, and what's important to me.

And if it wasn't for my blog, I never would have met Janet!


I love reading blogs where, even though I don't know the person and they don't know me, I'm pretty sure I'd want to be their friend if we ever met. Their tone is funny, their stories are interesting, we have common interests, their life seems normal and yet intriguing--all those keep me coming back.

Of course, then there's the celebrity blogs. Those are just like a car accident, though, can't turn the heck away.


I read them for a little peek into lives I would have previously known nothing about. Good writing inspires me to try and write better. Cute dog/cat/kid/house pictures are lovely to look at and (shhh...live vicariously through, just a little bit) provide plenty of laughs. Plus the sheer amounts of creativity some people have is amazing.


I read blogs because I live a small town and don't get the opportunity to travel a whole heck of a lot.

My neighborhood of blogs has taken around the world. I love that I now have "friends" all over the place.

I read you Janet because you are such an optomist. You are fun, young, and live close to me. I stumbled upon you at least a couple of years ago(??) I think. It's been fun reading about you and your cohorts covorting here and there. And need I mention - robotics??


Lately, I've been thinking about why I read so many blogs and decided to quit reading celebrity blogs- too negative! I check in on Slice of Pink daily for over a year because you- Janet have such a lovely way of writing. Your pictures are wonderful and the things you write about often inspire me. For example, we recently got rid of our cable. I figure, if Janet could do it- so can we! I wish you the best of luck up at Davis and hope that law school won't keep you from updating Slice of Pink.


Janet, I literally came across your blog on accident. Yet somehow I have found so many cute ideas and amazing websites (Wonderful Graffiti...hello!) that I put Slice of Pink quickly into my favorites list. I love reading the humorous things you have to say! So that is why I love this blog, because it is a source of inspiration for typical "girl" stuff.


Ditto what everyone else has said. I've met some fascinating people through blogging. Some of the "preppy" bloggers are meeting up in Boston this summer, and I'm trying to convince my fiance that it is, in fact, safe for me to travel halfway across the country to meet people from the internet. I'm getting there...


Well, Janet, I read you because of the sheer hilarity of some of your entries coupled with the fabulousness that you find in everyday life.

My favorite post? Still the open letter to the woman in line behind you at Costco.

Great to see you again! When are we seeing photos of the knitting?

Because, well, you're a freaking prodigy! You were the talk of knit night last night!

Barquan Johnson

I read Slice of Pink becuase its sooo breath taking. She is a wonderful written...she must be a politician or a lawyer or somethine. She just has a way with words.


I'm here because Pink is my favorite color. Then you turned out to be funny, witty and nearby.
I'm a freak but you seem fun. LOL

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