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March 18, 2007



Yes, this blog post rocks so hard. I am glad someone else out there is also in love with the titanium spork. :)


Hi there! This is Mariko from fredflare.com! Thanks so much for putting our mushroom kitchen timer next to 11 other ADORABLE cuties!! Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work!


awesome blog. It looks great! Check out my knitting at www.knitnstuff.blogspot.com


I was just alerted to your blog by astute commenter Maya SB who said you ALSO have the pink pavé cupcake necklace that I recently posted about. Is this true? Could we have faux-edible jewelry in common?


that mushroom timer is adorable.


if you go to seton hall, you could eat at pb and co. as often as you like. They have a great selection.

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