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March 01, 2007



I will be so, so sad if a little girl doesn't try and sell me Thin Mints. Mmmmm thinnnnmiinnnnnts. and Samosas.


As a proud girl scout for 9 years, I will never, ever be able to resist buying a zillion boxes. I've at least learned to store them in the freezer and ration them out for the entire year though. In fact, I'm extremely possesive over my thin mints and will not let anyone else eat them for fear they might run out before I am able to get more.


Well! It's a good thing that you decided to read her email and learn about this Very Important Event. Because doesn't she know what happened to the boy who called wolf? Her red-flag emails might be ignored! :)


yeah baby! samoas and tagalongs!


Samoas are my favorite!! xoxo


Damn straight it is. I've already made it through a box and a half of dosidos.




either tony pierce had the same idea as you or he stole your idea for a header.



Those are my fav cookies! If only I could get my butt on my treadmill...maybe I could have some cookies.


Interesting, Carrie. I don't know Tony, but Rene Magritte has been pretty popular lately. I put up my masthead a couple days after going to the Magritte exhibit at LACMA and Los Angeles was pretty plastered with the pipe image during the exhibition.


OH!!! ok. then maybe it wasn't thievery. ;-)

Heather B.

Am I the only person who is already completely girl scout cookie-d out?? We've already had TWO cookie deliveries and I'm so damn sick of Thin mints. If I see another tagalong I might puke.


They baked the Samoas here for years. I had an apartment in Richmond around the boulevard area. You got to smell them all day long. I would crave them, so I made friends with a lady who worked there FFV and she would steal boxes.. I have ate so many . Damn Edy's or Dreyer's on the West coast Samoas Cookie flavored Ice cream yummy.


It's the most perfect combination of child labor and sugar. The world is a better place with those cookies in it.


Thin Mints.. gotta be the Thin Mint. I've so much as scouted all the local grocery stores in my area looking for the GS cookie booth.

hedy de vine

that woman sounds annoying. you should cram a box of thin mints down her throat.

Pink Chihuahua Princess

I'm so busy I'm not sure I've ever even stopped to think about putting the red flag. If its that important why wouldn't she just stop by your classroom between classes?


i used to be a huge girl scout cookie fan and a HUGE samoas fan, but i've gotten a little bitter. they keep giving you less cookies for more money! i'm partial to thin mints now.

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