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February 25, 2007



Perfect timing, dear Janet. I've thought about you several times this weekend and was wondering where you've been. I knew it must have something to do with that crazy robot! Was this year worse than last year? Because I don't remember it being quite as crazy for you last year. That's pretty insane. :)


So true.

This year I am the co-lead advisor so I make the big bucks and get all the crappy responsibility. The 105-hour-a-week responsibility.


Now that you're back, I don't think we'll be hearing the crickets so much. Glad that you're still alive and kicking.


Welcome back! I'm glad to hear that the robot didn't take on a life of its own and attempt to kill you. :D


Welcome back! And last I checked, law school involves neither robots nor teenagers, so I think you'll be OK. (Hell, if you can handle 39 teenagers building a robot? I'm thinking you can handle anything.)


There you are. Don't worry...I'm at least still out here!


It just so happened that work slowed down and I finally had to time read blogs...and where were you? j/k. Glad you're back.


*chirp, chirp* :)


welcome back! Is it sad that my husband (a good 15 yrs older than your students) thinks White and Nerdy is the greatest song ever?


Yep we are here just waiting for more words of wisdom:-)

My Ohio Boy IS white and nerdy and DAMN Proud of it.

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