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February 01, 2007



You're too young to be that tired! For your birthday I suggest treating yourself to a vacation. At least one night in a hotel where all you do is lay in bed and order room service and watch movies. No parties, no people, no work, just relax. Or hire a maid to take up some of the slack at home. Either way, Happy Birthday and take some "me" time.


I highly recommend karaoke birthdays. They require little to no effort. Just pick a karaoke bar, tell your friends to meet you there, show up and enjoy. That's what we did this year and it was a blast.


I was 28 years old (three years ago) the last time i was THAT tired...my son is three years old.


Lydia took the words right out of my mouth, my son just turned 11. I slept for the first 3 months, and my husband was appalled how boring I had become right after the honeymoon!


When you life is spread thin this does happen I felt that way about my 29th...


I never want to complain -- ever again -- about being busy or not having time to do the things I want to do. You amaze me on so many levels. But I guess that's why you're living your life the way you are, and I'm living mine the way I am. :)


The last time I said I was tired on my blog, I got all these emails asking me if I was pregnant. Can't we just be tired? I feel you. A nap sounds nice right now.

Nothing But Bonfires

Man, at least you have reason to be tired and un-birthday-ish. The worst part about my whole Birthday Malaise is that I'm NOT busy! I'm unemployed! I spend my days contemplating whether I should catch up on The Hills or Oprah or just say to hell with it and watch another Baby Story on TLC. And yet STILL I'm tired! STILL I'm dreading my birthday.

(So glad to have read this, by the way. Strength in numbers and all that!)

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