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February 10, 2007



You crack me up! I bet you'd get some internet hits on this list if you make it searchable, rather than being in PDF form. If you weren't able to find a good Valentine's Puns list, that means other people might be looking, too!

(I'll keep this list in mind if I'm ever in need of it...but alas, I don't think I'll be needing it this year.) :)


Yay for puns! I louvre the art one! If you have a second, click over to my neck of the woods and see pictures of a 21-Pun Salute my mom sent me for my 21st birthday. Unfortunately, the husband is anti-pun (sob), so any punny cards and the like are strictly for my amusement. Which I can accept.


This is becoming just like Martha Stewart for me - I can come here for beautiful cakes, life lessons... and Valentine puns! Now... off to find 18 Barrels of Monkeys for JLo's clas... THAT was her favorite.


Puns! YES! please. Thanks. : )


ha. Those are funny. The pirate and the toilet paper are my favorites. Which one are you going to use for your husband?

ally bean

Great list. I like the orange one the best. Orange you glad to know that? *tee-hee*


You are sooo funny.


Kelly Friend

I love, love, love that list. My boyfriend uses puns all the time and I am making a book for him with puns for Valentines. Here are some others I have for my books. Use a type writer and say you're just my type. A sheep-wool you be mine? and the last one I have is an owl- for owl be your valentine! Thanks for the great list!


How about:

Pig Oink Oink! You're my snorta guy!


So, I'm making a valentine flip-book and am looking for a pun involving the word "flip." Have anything good that I could use?


i LOVE this. i actually found it by googling "owl valentine" and then realized it was a post of yours from '07! funny that i just did an owl themed valentine card & posted it on my blog a week or so ago! very cute - i saved this list!



This is just the kind of think I was looking for! Thanks so very much! (It's like you're the only place on the web with a list like this too!)

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