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January 03, 2007



simple solution... move up to Berkeley and I'll watch over the fabrics for you


Did you finally pick a school?

ally bean

I'm sure that you NEED this ribbon because you'd never buy it otherwise, right? Your husband will see the error of his ways when moving day arrives. Silly, practical man!


I'm with Laura... Didja make a decision?

And Ally Bean is right, especially when you consider how broke you'll be once school starts. (You NEED that ribbon for next Christmas's festivities!)


I will babysit your ribbon while you are buried chin-deep in law books, okay? I looooooove ribbon!


No, no. you HAVE to take the ribbon.


Smuggle the ribbon hidden in pots and pans and tucked into rolled socks. Ribbon always comes in handy, especially if you actually use it instead of admiring it on the pretty pretty rolls.


Just wrap your car entirely in ribbon and drive it cross country!


I just love that store. I'm with Desiree, smuggle it in.


Take the ribbon off the rolls, roll it up, and put it in little plastic bags. I had the same problem, rolls and rolls and rolls, and no place to store them. Will won't even notice it then!


Does this mean you wouldn't be moving your stuff in a big moving van? Won't you need furniture? I think you'll have more boxes than you realize once you start packing up that apartment of yours. :)


Well, if you end up in NYC for law school, I can show you OOODLES of places for fantastic ribbon and organza. Good luck on the law school search.

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