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January 09, 2007



what about cash?

okay, so if you don't want to go that route....how about a waffle maker? a nice bamboo cutting board?

Of you could do a small set of baking/measuring tools with a note to "measure your life in love"

ally bean

I suppose you lean more toward the married woman angle of the equation and less toward the teenager angle of the equation.

I think that practical kitchen items would be good. The idea of a wafflemaker is good. Maybe a heart shaped one?


Hey, waaaaiit! I got married at 20, and there were absolutely no rubber duckies, lilac/pastels, flower patterns or frivolous items on our registry.

Other than the Slinky, which my 32 year old husband chose. Actually, in retrospect I'm a tiny bit sad we registered for such utilitarian items (all white, sturdy dishes, bleach-friendly towels, etc.)

Now...that off my chest...This may sound crass, but I'd send...money. Money and something meaningful, like a set of really nice kitchen knives/cutting board, etc. (I'd say a great bottle of wine and some glasses, but probably not the best for a Morman gal, huh?)


Do you know where they registered because if so, you might be able to get an idea of their taste and the go from there.

But gifts I would enjoy if I was just starting out and was poor (I am just guessing they are poor – first real jobs and the expense of a wedding and all that) would be:

A cookbook that you and Will enjoy with sticky notes on your favorite recipes with little notes as to why you like them. And perhaps if you choose crème brulee to highlight for example, you could also supply them with a torch and some cute ramekins and a gift card to the grocery store to help pay for a meal from the book?

Or a gift card to a local framing place. I am sure they have a wedding photo or two that they would like to have nicely framed to hang. Or just nice frames in general.

A gift from that make all your dinners that you guys have been doing? Or a class they can take together. Like a painting class so they can make art for their new place?

A collection of cd’s aimed at entertaining? Like dinner music and cocktail music?

One of the best gifts I got for Christmas was a card with a note inside, telling us that reservations had been made for us at one of the nicest restaurants in town (one that we could not ever really afford to eat in) for our one month wedding anniversary this year – pre-dinner drinks at the bar, complete five-course meal with after dinner drinks included – with a town car to take us there and home again. (as underage Mormons I am sure they would not be so psyched to get free drinks all night and have a private driver – but hey – everyone likes a good meal!) I am really excited about this! How thoughtful, and what a treat as I am sure that a month after our wedding and a three week honeymoon – we will not exactly be feeling all kinds of flush in the cash department. It sort of extends our celebration and gives us one more chance to dress up!

Um, obviously I am all about food, drinks and money. Sheesh!


Well, in cases like this, I always do something classic like a nice silver or glass picture frame for the couple. If I do silver, sometimes I get it engraved with their name and/or date of the wedding. I don't know, I may be part grandmother-ly....


Do you have contact info for either of their parents? If so, you might ask them about a registry. If anyone is going to know where someone is registered, it's their mom.

What about functional kitchen items in pretty colors? They make colanders and mixing bowls in pretty much every color of the rainbow these days. I have the addison bowls from crate and barrel. They're very pretty, but they chip way too easily. I would lean towards the metal mixing bowls. (http://www.crateandbarrel.com/bowls/kitchen-accessories/1).

You can also get spatulas in fun colors. I secretly yearn for a set of pink spatulas from Williams Sonoma, but I just can't justify buying anymore spatulas.

I suppose that you should find out what color theme their kitchen is. Or enclose gift receipts.


I got married at 20 and I'd like to think I was mature. Of course, the worst part is, just as you've stated - my taste has completely changed.

Oh and the ducky bathroom? I redid the bathroom at our old house in Mickey Mouse. While it might have looked a tad childish, I loved it, still do, in fact.


Yeah, I agree with the comments above. Ask where they're registered! And if they decided not to go that route, how about a gift card that you can use anywhere? I know I can buy people gift cards through my Discover card, and they'll mail them directly to the person and don't charge me anything extra (on top of the price of the actual gift card).


Hmm, you say they are still in a dorm? Do you know if they have a kitchen or not? Kitchen items are great, but not if they can't even use them.

How about some nice candles and candleholders? They can create some ambience for all that baby-making :)

Pink Chihua Princess



Hate to go here, because we aren't "people like that," but did you try looking at the registry for the store where you met Will? Because, being from a small town, I can categorically say, that there's almost certainly one of those monstrosities.

Alternately, you could get them stationery, like Laurie, I'm like a grandmother on this stuff.

But cash is a good gift too. (Or a gift card for that unnamed location of your first encounter with Will.) (Or an AMEX gift card.)(Or an Amazon gift certificate.) (Or twenty five more parenthetical references!)


A question I can answer....Because I am a good Christian girl that was married at 20. The best thing that you can buy them? (Other than the obvious, cash.) The best thing I got that I still love? Either the good towels I recieved or the ceramic mixing bowls. (Can't go wrong with neutral basics!)


Hi - delurking here for this apparent bloggy holiday... I enjoy your tales of geeky students very much! I think for this gifting situation, I'd give money with a nice note about all their plans for the future and whatnot. I would otherwise suggest a slow cooker because, come on, everyone needs a good way to make chili, but I reluctantly received a 2nd one months after my wedding when the giver didn't bother to check the registry. Not that I'm bitter.


Cash is great & like my family says "it always fits" but it's always nice to receive a personal gift. Truthfully, I can't even remember what my husband & I spent our wedding money on. But one of the gifts I received that always reminds me of my wedding is a beautiful crystal flower vase. It's simple and classic so even though my style has changed since I married I continue to use it.

You can also check out Crate & Barrel's "The Newlywed Cookbook" which I think is a really cute idea perhaps with some yummy colored spring dish towels.


Cat, towels are not a cool gift. My parents got towels for their wedding... and that's about it. Towels, towels, and more towels. So, no to towels.

What you might want to try is just asking the couple about what they need, or things that they would really like, choose one or two things from the list, and then attach a personal note to it.


They are young. They probably don't have much. Instead of getting them something that 30 other people might pick up, I would go with $$$ or gift card. Yeah, it might show them exactly how much you spent, but they will appreciate it anyway.


those vintage blenders are pretty rad, and I believe come in all kinds of colors!


Couldn't they make the drive to get to Target? Or--and it pains my heart to say this--what about Wal-Mart? My college was located in a small town, but there was at least a Wal-Mart.


Gift cards are good to Target, they can always use target.com for their items. I got friends a wine.com gift card since I could not make their out of town wedding, but since she is Morman, I don't think they drink.

Cash is always good of course...everyone can use that starting off.

Good luck!


being a young couple on top of just starting out, they're probably more worried about more major things rather than decorating schemes. Cash is the best, but we really liked the restaurant gift certificate we received as well as a good cook book (Better Homes one). Most of the big chain stores take their gift cards online, so it's not a problem to give a Target gift card.

Good luck!

P.S. We didn't have a registry when we got married (engagement 3 weeks), and we ended up getting a lot of cash & gift cards. Which was awesome.

Michelle D

If you can get in touch with her Matron of Honor or similar, you can quiz that person discreetly on what colors the couple prefer, or what things they need for their household.

I had gotten married really young, myself (and got divorced some 8 years later, but that's another story entirely). Though we were a very young couple, we had pretty good basic household things, but found that gifts of new sheets and bedding in general were the most useful things we received. The crystal bowls and other bric-a-brac? Not so much.

Young couples end up moving around a lot, typically, and extraneous pretties often end up getting broken, "put in storage" (chucked in Mom's basement indefinitely) or given away.

Oh, and I feel you on the funky Target stuff. My boyfriend, who is 40, decided that some rainbow-colored fishie shower curtains were exactly the thing for his bathroom. And he was totally right. It's so cheerful and fun. Even bona fide grownups need a little frivolity once in a while, and leapfrog bath towels are a cheap thrill!


this site has the coolest things...whether you are 19 or 30!! check it out! :)


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