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January 24, 2007


Heather B.

I would seriously give my right arm to be on the floor of the Senate. I could give a crap about what Lindsay Lohan wears or does or drinks (or doesn't drink now).

My favorite though is when teenagers haven't the foggiest idea as to who their Senators even are. Crazy.


You know. . .I think your last sentence sums up so many things that are a bit wonky with the current high school generation.

As a advertising industry refuge who survived a Devil Wears Prada type job . . . I would much rather be a senator. . .a senator with cute shoes :)

ally bean

That's sad.


I was so blown away by the feeling of hearing "Madam Speaker" at the State of the Union address that I immediately called every girlfriend I have chatting "Can you Belive it?" And most of the kids in my youth group (I double as a youth pastor)know more about the personal life of lindsay lohan than who Nancy Pelosi even is....it says a lot.


I fear for the future of America.

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