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January 29, 2007



What's $12 when you'll be making 100k+ for a salary?


I will be in Austin this weekend and you know I'm going to take pictures of the city to try to sway your decision!

ally bean

Wow and it's such a special school that it's "celebrating a decade of excellence"! I think that it's an excellent use of your $12 to apply there!


There is just something about the state of Florida that scares me sometimes.


No income taxes in Florida.... (or Texas either)

hedy de vine

i have to comment on this because i remember getting info in the mail from florida coastal when i was applying to law schools and i thought it was a total joke. the cover of their packet had a huge full color picture of the beach because they had nothing else to brag about.

good luck with your applications. to what other schools are you applying?


Wow. That's pretty bad. I'm ashamed to say that the grad school I am attending now at least wanted my name, address, and transcripts from my undergrad degree as proof that I had actually graduated college. I am happy to report that I was accepted by other schools that actaully required a GRE score and essay, but I ended up where I am pretty much because of my husband's work. So you never know. You might end up in Florida for some other random reason:-) Keep us posted on your status of acceptance there!


I love the odds! ;)

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