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January 22, 2007



This is sort of why I stopped giving gifts anymore.


I think it's so tacky not to send thank you cards. The last baby shower I went to, before the mother-to-be started opening gifts I "suggested" that someone keep a list of who gave what so she'd have the list when sending thank you cards. The baby shower was in October. I still haven't received my thank you note.



If it wouldn't cause world war III in my family, I'd stop sending gifts to all of my brother's kids.. (There are four!)

I mean, is it so hard to spend FIVE freaking minutes writing a note?!?



Hi there. I've been lurking for a couple months, never commented until now. The thank you note thing? I just recently wrote a rant about it here:


I am definitely on the side of sending thank yous. Of course, now that my friends and family read my recent diatribe about how no one properly thanks people anymore, you better believe the thank you cards and notes have started pouring in. Nothing like a little guilt to make people comply.


I have an obsession with sending Thanks you notes. I can't rest until they are out of my hands and into the mail box.
But this is something I've been meaning to blog about recently: Are you supposed to send thank you notes for Christmas gifts? WWMMS? (What would Miss Manners say?) xoxo

ally bean

It's a never-ending mystery to me why it is so difficult for some people to express thanks in a timely way. Are they just not grateful? Or are they lazy? Or are they forgetful?

I have no answers, but I think about it from time to time.


I consider myself very fortunate that I was taught at a very young age that gratitude and humility are extremely important attributes to have. I recently (October) had a guest stay at my home for 5 days etc, and NO THANK YOU CARD! I kid you not! When I stay at someone's house I bring a hostess gift, and ALWAYS send a thank you card, most of the time with flowers!


Thanks for your lovely comment. I love your blog! Please post photos of the skirt so I can see. I love vintage so much.


I am 100% with you on this one. Although I have to admit I am about 5 notes behind on wedding/Xmas cards right now. I swear I have written 5 billion in the past 6 months! (pity me for getting gobs of presents, I know...)

Miss Hass

I thought not sending notes was the height of tackiness until I went to a recent baby shower. As gifts were being opened, the hostess passed around envelopes and pens and ASKED US TO ADDRESS OUR OWN THANK YOU NOTES. Why not just ask us to write them ourselves and take them home with us. Really, is it that difficult?

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