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January 12, 2007



Down here in Texas we also close the schools if it rains too hard. If it even gets to 32 degrees the entire city shuts down! They advise no one and I mean NO ONE to leave their homes unless they have been shot and are on the brink of death. If you can hold a towel to the wound then you can wait till tomorrow when it gets back up to 90.


I have the experience of going through elementary/junior high in southern california (claremont) and high school and college in SW montana -- So I know EXACTLY what you are talking about.

My senior year in hs it was 45 BELOW ZERO and my damn school still didn't close! Sorry Californians -- you guys are wimps! lol ;)


Being a true CA girl and going to college in VA can make life intersting when it comes to the weather:)


I grew up in Thousand Oaks. I was in college for a semester in snowy Utah and one of my roommates asked me to scrape the ice off her windshield. I had no idea what end of the so-called "ice scraper" to use. My roommate gave me a weird look for that one. We Californians, we're funny sometimes, eh?


I'm going to send Ah-nold an invite to come hang out in the Pacific Northwest. It was NEGATIVE THREE degrees here tonight.

ally bean

Flip-flops in the snow!?? Oh my.


What a strange winter. Its around 60 here today...Washington DC...in January. Odd, I tell ya!


WAH WAH WAH. It's -11 here. My office has no water or heat (both because our pipes froze and burst) ... and no, the office has not been closed.

Of course I used to live in TN, where if anyone even MENTIONED snow, they'd clean out the shelves of the Kroger. So same deal. :P


Ceci n'est pas une blog? Aujourd'hui c'est une place pour les politicienes y les vent y les announcements pour la neige.

a bientot.


Et aussie, les gens ici - dans la petite ville de New York City - pensant que la neige et plus tard, tres plus tard cette annee.


LOL! Oh I have to laugh at how true this is!


hahaha. sounds like central virginia. any mention of a *possibility* of snow and everyone's rushing to the stores, and freaking out.


Living here in Michigan my whole life, I remember walking to the school bus stop in snow boots and when I stepped in the snow, it was almost to my knee. During school recess we'd build tunnels through the big snow hills from the snow plowing it. When we get one inch, it's called "A Dusting" LOL


I really miss California sometimes.



but your sister is just amazing...thats why she did it! and those rain days we get off are totally ridiculous...but mych appreciated! :D

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