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January 05, 2007



I tried one new years resolution last year and that was to stop cursing and damn it to hell I lost that bet with myself by 12:15.

Good Luck!

Pink Chihuahua Princess

Pink Champagne sounds fun to me.


Yay! I was an inspiration! I don't care if it's only for 31 days; I just like to hear that someone is in on the whole goal-thing with me. :)

(Oh, and you have a completely understandable reason for not making 101 long-term goals. Helllloooo, law school! Wow.)

Are Philly, Sacramento, and L.A. the places you're applying to law school? Is that why you're booking flights there? Or is it something robotics-related?

Oh, and the wedding photo thing? 2003? I hope the photographer maintains his archives! :)


What a great idea. I need to do #1 too! But I beat you - my pictures are a year older. Let's see who gets them ordered first...

I'll also add #6 and #29 to my list. Those are must-haves for me right now :)


I live in Philly - let me know if you need restaurant rec's!

ally bean

This is a good list. You are a better person than I just for putting together a list that suggests the possibility that goals might be accomplished in a timely fashion. I'm in awe.

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