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January 19, 2007



Many of the teachers at the school where I'm student teaching went to BU - and they were just talking about how great the Law School is during lunch yesterday.

I'm definitely lobbying from BU.

Heather B.

I went to AU and have heard nothing but good things about their Law School.

And if you go to GW, AU or UMD, then we can go to Cake Love and get cupcakes.


I know nothing about Law School, but I vote for Boston. Then we could go to Anthropologie together and "do lunch".


I have two friends who graduated from UT's Law School and both said they loved the program. One works for a big firm and the other went to work for a non-profit. Both passed the bar on the their first try as well. Obviously my vote is for UT so we can have drinks... you know when you aren't studying.


I did my undergrad at UIUC and loved it. The law school is very good and the towns of Champaign and Urbana have a great character to them even if they are in the middle of cornfields. I miss it greatly and hope that if you choose that school (because I wouldn't worry about getting in with what you've said) you'll enjoy your time there as much as I did. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

I love your website and blog by the way!


I say UC Berkeley, I'm not an alumni but I am a current student and I say come here because I need you here.


My best friend from HS went to Notre Dame and loved it, but I know several people that went to American, so you have one tough decision ahead of you. I would say no to arizona because they have scorpions, and those are scary.


I forgot the most important thing, Seton Hall is minutes from me, and NYC would be tons of fun for you.


come to boston!
we will lunch!


you know my choice.


I vote SLU... it's a great school and I'm an alum. (Though not of the law program.)


Seems like you have a good selection of schools there. I'm applying to a couple of those as well, so it's possible we could end up as classmates.

One tip, though: You may want to rething trying for Berkeley. That school is nearly impossible to get into if you don't send your application by mid-November or so; it may be best to save your $70, unless your numbers are off the charts.

Also, I've found www.lawschoolnumbers.com to be a good guide. You can compare your numbers with all the other applicants to help gauge your chances at certain places.

Good luck in the admissions process!


Your options are ALL OVER the country, my dear! That's what I love about you. Ready to take on whatever you need to do, wherever it needs to be. You're awesome. :)

Any idea about what type of law you're interested in pursuing yet, or just focusing on the program/location right now?


oohhh ohhh if you move to DC we can be real-life friends maybe! Does that hurt or help your case for GWU, etc? Not sure :)

Anecdotally, I think my friends at American are happier than those at GW, but I think that may be specific to the person more than the school. Either way, DC is great, but you already know that!

Tickled Pink/Nicole

Notes from another SLU grad: St. Louis is a great community, and the campus looks amazing since I graduated. They call and ask me for money and I tell them when they stop building fountains we'll talk. Another fabulous St. Louis school with a fabulous program is Washington University - besides, then you would have a trio of Washingtons on your list LOL.

Any program will be LUCKY to get you.

Maryam in Marrakech

Dear Slice,
Pls buy a little hand of Fatima and wear it, okay? I am sure you will get in some place great.


Washington & Lee is a good school. I don't know if you have visited it but it is the middle of nowhere. Which is fine for the students but your husband would be totally bored. In the middle of nowhere!

Bethany Coffey

God Janet this is soooo exciting, mind if I live out my long abandoned desire to go to law school vicariously through you?


Personally, I'm pulling for GWU, MD or American! ;-)


I say UCLA! Go Bruins!

I did my undergrad there and it was an awesome four years. You'll love it. Sunshine all the time. And good for Will too - plenty to do in LA. And not too far from where you are now.


I would hope that you wouldn't move too far cause I would miss you even more than I do now!!! But since I shouldn't be selfish I say move to the fourth one you get accepted to. Just to be random.


Janet, my son-in-law is at Washington and Lee. He's a 1L and if you get in you'll probably be a year behind him. He is enjoying the atmosphere very much. They are, he and his wife, one of the very few married law students around.

The only disadvantage they have noticed is that the admin (with grades) is a bit slow and that it is freakishly far away from family!

However, due to schlarship $$ he couldn't turn them down and go to UCLA.

Hope you hear soon!


My sister went to BU, my brother in law to Davis, my boss to USF and many of the attorneys I work with are Hastings and Bolt alum (a couple of Harvard and UCLA thrown in). My vote: go where you want to live and where you will be proud to say you went. A great school will get you in the door, but you should still enjoy life and once you get a job, you'll still have to work your ass off like every other Associate. Congrats! Good luck! I've been following your blog since, well, since I blogged too (memories...), and I'm excited for you. That said, be a good attorney and look for a smart and honest mentor that respects you and that you admire.


University of Alabama School of Law
Cumberland University


Wow, I had no idea your list would be so long!

Assuming you get into all the schools, what are your personal top 3 that you would narrow it down to?


I think you've been typing "university" too much. Better not let UCLA or Richmond see themselves on your list.

Spelling Nazi


reluctant housewife

I didn't go to law school, but come to Boston?

I did go to Business School, so I think you should go the University of Virginia. I think you would like Charlottesville, but not as much as Boston.

Nothing But Bonfires

I say UC Berkeley. But just because I'm full of the San Francisco Love right now and can't stop bleating about it to everyone. Plus, I sort of feel like people would attend Law lectures with flowers in their hair at Berkeley, and that would be kind of cool.


good luck to you! the #12 pick, U of R - it's a terrific school and Richmond's a great place to live. Enough city, but not too much of it...like NY or something. A very good in-between.

hedy de vine

oh, so this is your list. cool.

UCLA and BU both rejected me, but they are great schools. I LOVE UCLA. go there!


I just read your post. TC Williams School of law at UR is 15 minutes from my folks. My sister is a UR Alumnus now a CPA.I went and tranfered to play golf.If you get accepted and need anything dont hesitate to ask. Berryhill and alot of the professor's are great. happy birthday and good luck..

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