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January 06, 2007



Sounds like the perfect solution tot he fast paced lifestyle of educators, club advisors, and law school applicants. Which category do you fit?


Gawd. I need Dream Laundry.


I went to one of the sneek peaks for Dream Dinners and I had to resist the urge to sign up. It is convient though and the food is soooooo good!


This so interesting. How can you make all that food in only 2 hours?


If you find Dream Laundry, pass them my way. I'm definitely going to need them in the next couple of months.

Along with Dream Sleep, Dream Shower, Dream Maid.......


We have something similar in OK. It is called Pass Your Plate. I love it especially when I am going to school and the MAN can actually cook them. Whoever thought of this concept was a genius.


Interesting to know. We tried one of those places but were really disappointed (a sausage and american cheese wrapped in pizza dough too small to cover them counted as a calzone). I know there are others ... maybe I should give them a shot.


Oh, my goodness! Too funny. I've heard about that place. Sounds nice and quick and easy...and if tastes good, then it's worth it! :)


That sounds great. But I don't know how it could work. There would be nowhere to put the icecream. Freezers are for icecream. And corndogs.


Holy smokes- how do you keep it all straight!? We have those places around here and I've been wondering if they are any good.


How's the food? Pricey? Tasty? Too much/little salt/spice? Are there veggie or no-red meat alternatives?

Must..know..more..details. I made my husband look at the link, and totally want IN if it exists around here.


Nice! I've heard about those places but never gone. I'll admit to being curious!

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