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December 30, 2006


Heather B.

Well obviously undergarments and socks can be bought easily. It's LA, they have everything. And having money to buy those things is just a minor formality.

Oh, to be 14 and naive again.


Well, underwear is, these days, obviously optional. In fact, I would say you're apt to be more of a success without it. An iPod, though, definitely important.


Happy New Year Janet!! I love your blog times a billion!


HAPPY NEW YEAR! First of all.

I once ran away when I was six, or seven, or eight, I forget how old I was. Anyways, after I got about 150 feet away from home I remembered that I would need food, and a warm place to sleep at night, and that if I stayed at a friend's house they would turn me in. So I went back.


Oh, yes! Because you have to look good when you run away! And must have comfy pajamas and an iPod to listen to, if nothing else. Who wouldn't? :)


Wow! I remember 14. I knew everything when I was 14.


OMG. That story is such a crack-up! I love it. Within the span of about a year, two of my cousins ran away from home. The first one (aged approx 17 years) made it about an hour south of here (don't remember many details). Her little sister (aged 14 or 15) made it all the way to California (from CO, mind you). One of them was trying to follow Insane Clown Possee around or something. It was really scary at the time, but now it seemes almost ridiculous.


True Story!!!! It was so much fun to just hang out and chat the other night!!! I miss you

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