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December 12, 2006



Sounds exactly like either AP kids or Robotics. Have your classes and after school activities merged, perhaps?


LOL oooh NO!


Ah good memories. I would have chosen to build Apple HQ though, or maybe the Capitol.


I was thinking about a gingerbread mansion, with a fully-loaded interior, myself. Maybe even an outdoor pool (filled with jello).


I'm gonna need to see pictures of this! xoxo


That's awesome! I wish that I had teachers like you when I was in high school!

I've never managed to build a gingerbread house that didn't completely collapse. Of course, I've never tried using anything other than graham crackers and frosting.

Perhaps I need to try again with some real ingredients...


Janet, that is so what the kids in my classes did when I was in high school. Simple assignment to present some information about the key battles of the Revolutionary War became multimedia interactive video presentations based on Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. (Complete with Circle K footage.)

AP kids just can't do things the easy way.


That's hilarious. That's exactly the sort of stuff my nerdy friends and I used to get upto in high school. I remember a German version of Wayne's World and a trip in a Cesna to get aerial footage of our school. Just ... don't ... ask. Makes me wanna look up some of my old HS friends/rivals. ;)


I thought I knew where that was going once I read about what smart students you have. No dinky Martha Stewart-esque houses for them! I can't wait to see the pictures of the elaborate gingerbread castles. :)

ally bean

Too funny. You'll share the photos of the palace, yes??


You're awesome. Wish I'd had a teacher like you!!


You have to post photos of the results, you just have to!


I was actually one of those AP kids you're referring to. Total over-acheiver. Hilarious about the blueprint!

You absolutely must post the pictures!

Question: Does the principal know about this wonderful exam?

Pink Chihuahua Princess

Damn, Gina! These are some serious students.

Looks like law school is going to be fine. ;)


Haha, I LOVE IT! I think I still carry some of those crazy "AP" tendencies around with me. I make spreadsheets for everything.

Maryam in Marrakesh

That looks fantastic! Unfortunately, there are no grahm crackers here in Marrakesh. Rats.


Capitalize the "E" in English. Thanks!!!

Barquan Johnson


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