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December 19, 2006



What, did you have to wait in line for half an hour yesterday, too?


You know that you can do all your mailing from home (domestic mailing anyway) and use your bathroom scale to figure the weight of the packages and then leave the boxes on the porch for the letter carrier right?

I hate the post office between November 30 and January 1.


The above method DOES require the use of the interwebs and a credit/debit card though.



Or you can use the automated machine to print out your postage, even for packages. There's a scale and everything. After we left, I couldn't figure out why everyone was in line.


My mom had to wait 3 HOURS in line at the post office on Saturday. Laura, you mean that similar to those automatic tickets at the airport you can print out your own postage, give it to the post office, and go?


Awesome. And oh so true.


I waited maybe 10 minutes at our post office. Luck of the draw I guess.

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