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November 14, 2006



OMG. "Do Not Stain The Towel"?

I sound as if I'm offended, but really, I'm laughing. And I'm glad you found a better hotel.


That hairdryer looks more like a Ghostbusters prop.


Not in the move to catch your own breakfast, eh? :)

Glad you survived.


ahem, that should say, "mood"--I really should go to bed now. :)




you and Will have the BEST adventures!


If you were around SLO, you totally should have stayed at the Madonna Inn.


SLO, that doesn't sound the same as Berkeley... jk, how was the trip?

Heather B.

Hell, I feel like I've contracted herpes just from reading that. I hope you didn't touch anything while in there or at least made sure to score some antibacterial stuff immediately thereafter.


Ugh. That reminds me of the room that we were ushered into last week. It smelled (not kidding) like people had been cooking (a possibility, since there was a kitchen) lutefisk, dropped it in the carpet, and left it there for a decade or so.

Fortunately, they had a newer building, and the rooms over there were...ok.

ally bean

Life is such an adventure, eh? I love your husband's description of the place. :-)


I specifically remember a HoJos about two and half years back...

Bruce Small

This is a review I wrote about a hotel in Victoria:

According to the brochure in front of me: This is a resort with all of the amenities, luxurious accomodations, and sound-proofed rooms. The pictures of the rooms indicate a great place to stay. Wrong!

My comments apply to room 316 only, although I suspect they could be generalized. Our first clue was the strong musty smell as we neared the room. The bathroom door lock was falling off. The ants found our luggage. Despite the "sound-proof" room I can tell you the people next door started their shower at exactly 5:35 a.m. We won't go into their toilet noises. We never could dial out on the room phone despite assurances it worked. This place is a genuine dump. We could not leave early enough the next morning.


the picture of the hair dryer... almost made me pee myself

im glad you had fun and im very glad that you now have the name of a red wine that you like... other than "house red"


Totally been there (except it was VA Beach). I cried, and that's how I got my refund. :)


Maybe the guy wouldn't give you a complete refund because he figured you were in the room long enough to get your "use" out of it. (wink-wink) :)

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