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November 17, 2006



Damn, I want to major in Wine and Viticulture.

(Oh, and don't completely dismiss the pink stuff. It's delicious when it's not sweet.)


go to NAPA and go on the
WINE TRAIN....it is FAB!

Bruce Small

In a nice restaurant I assume the waiter knows his wine list better than I do, so I usually just say, "Anything as long as it's red." Sometimes they tilt their eyebrows at me, but that's okay.

It derives from the Frasier episode where Frasier and Niles go into their dad's favorite bar, and Niles asks for the wine list. He studies it, and announces he will have the red.

The exception would be Beaujolais Nouveau, which just came out (the third Thursday in November), but our favorite top restaurant closed, so no new wine this year.


You know the 12th commandment right?
Ye shalt not go on the Sideways tour before meeting me at a lovely wine/food pairing in SB ($30 or less!) first. Or at least emailing me. Don't diss a Rose before you try one.

Bethany Coffey

Oh, that sounds fun. I'm totally a no pink house wine kinda gal too. And I could drink Champagne all day long!


While I'm a HUGE fan of education--there is no necessity for this, darling. :) You were right when you said, "Champagne". The answer is always the right answer. :)


Oops... "Champagne is always the right answer." :D


That's exactly how I order wine! Sounds like a fun education. xoxo


Wow...wine majors? I wonder how that works with them drinking wine as part of their course? Does the alcohol board look the other way in this case? Hmmm...


Ovbiously the best part of your new hobby will be tasting everything!

Perhaps this should be my new years resolution.

Heather B.

I could have been a wine and viticulture major, as opposed to a poli sci/econ/law major. I suddenly regret every choice I've made since 1997. I'm deeply saddend by this.

Also, I don't really do whites or roses. But a good rose or blush, can sometimes go really well with a light meal.


Ooh, if you do end up doing the "Sideways Tour", you'll have to go into Consilience (however, not featured in the movie) and try their Syrah (same as Shiraz) - you'll LOVE it. And you might as well just try everyting because it's all DELICIOUS - especially the Petite Sirah (not related to Syrah) - my favorite. They're on Grand Ave in Los Olivos, just a block away from the cafe where Miles says "I'm not drinking F*@#$&% merlot."


Sweet! I would love to take that tour!


My extent of wine knowledge is probably that of the kind that comes in a box or by the gallon. I used to work at this restaurant that had a "wine list"; once a month one employee would host a wine tasting party. We'd have a sign up sheet so that no one brought the same wine. This was a blast! Each person would introduce their wine and than pass the bottle around. By the end of the night we were all quite drunk, however would know a little bit more about the wines on our restaurants list. We'd have cheese, walnuts and other pallet cleaners available at the party.


When I was 16 years old, I spent a summer living in France and working as an au pair. One night, the people that I was working for brought a bottle of wine home. I took one sip and said, "I'm sorry, I don't like this one very much." They looked at me kindof funny but then tried it and agreed with me. It wasn't a very good wine.

At the age of 16, I had turned into a wine snob. I was sad. Luckily, college and Franzia in a box intervened and I'm much less picky now. :p

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