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October 26, 2006


ally bean

My AHA moment/suggestion is to put a pair of scissors on a string and hang them in your closet. These are the "closet scissors" and never, ever leave the vicinity of the closet.

This small tactic of having scissors near clothes that need to have tags and ravellings removed has made my life so much easier. Previously I'd be running around the house looking for a pair of scissors while getting dressed in the morning. Now, I just use the "closet scissors" which are always right there for me.


My suggestion is to have bottled water, a case $3.99 for 24 bottes, and leave them upstair. This way you can throw the bottle away and the case will last you all month. No little cups to spill. No dust in the cup or cat hair. Just a thought.


I also get in trouble for leaving half full cups of water all over the house, but I think the Dixie cup solution will not work for me because I would just leave half full disposable cups around the house instead. Man I suck


I preferred your glasses and cups. Your AHA moment is not exactly environmental conscience. Just another proof of the throw-away society we live in today. Problem solved? Nope, just added to another much bigger problem.


Here's how lazy and forgetful I am. I bought a dispenser and cups and put them in the master bath just because I can never remember to take cups back downstairs. Eventually we ran out of paper cups. The dispenser sat there for months. I was just too lazy to buy refills.


I do this exact same thing. Every night. Is it bad to admit the real reason I won't be purchasing Dixie Cups is because then I'd have to empty the garbage pail more often? It is, isn't it? That's my a-ha moment of the day.


What's up with the anonymous treehugger? someone@gmail.com? Really?

If you're going to take a stand and criticize someone, at least leave your name behind! This is Janet we're talking about here, she's not gonna come kick you ass or anything.

Personally, I doubt very much that Janet's rate of DixieCup consumption is going to negatively affect the environment. In fact, it seems to have already had a positive effect in her home.

Don't be a hater, okay?


I like AHA! moments because I feel like I've finally been clued into something that I "should have" known...but then again, they also make me feel dumb because, well, I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN. :)


We have the same problem with the glases and cups. Since we have a huge master bedroom, I've entertained the notion of expanding the bathroom to include a mini-dishwasher, microwave and fridge just to avoid the dish build up. Lazy-of course. Practical-not really. But better than a dust fuzzy glass or a nasty ice cream bowl that has sat there for a few days.


OMG, I do the exact same thing. And, just last night, Ryan said we needed a water cooler in the bedroom because I always get into bed and then ask him to get me water.


I like the "closet scissors" idea, thanx ally. My 'make life easier' aha moment happened while visiting my sister. I went to the linen closet to grab a towel and saw one of those little 3 drawer plastic organizers. On outside of top drawer in scrapbook letter fashion the words, "I don't feel well" inside was cold meds, antiacids, aspirin, etc. 2nd drawer said "Ouch" and inside was all first aid stuff, band-aids, antibiotic ointment, gauze, etc. 3rd drawer said "Fun in the Sun" and inside was all skin products, from sun screen to insect repellent, anti-itch cream to chapstick. I made one at home and it's wonderful to go to the hall closet and have it all there in one place.


Yes! Aha: Keep a memo pad and pens near the phone. K, I'm sure many of you smartie-pants came up with this long ago, but I just recently thought of it..after ages of asking my friends to "wait" whilst I got something to copy the homework onto, or their addresses, or...or...


I do the same thing! and my mom yells at me...and then i get sad :(

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