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October 01, 2006



Yay! You've been missed! Can't wait to read all about the 1/2 marathon training :).


welcome back! If you can make it past those LSAT books, you can surely make it past 1/4 mile with a little practice. I look forward to reading about the progress (whining and all).


Ahhh... Coldstone. :-) The universal name for yummy.


Just a passing comment. Life's about experiences and, at the end of the day, it's more about richness of your experiences than what you think I think. Just a middle-aged observation...


Ew. I pretty much hate any book that Kaplan publishes because if you have one in your possession it means that you are preparing to take some really yucky test. I 'm glad to hear that that is over for you and that you're back to posting more regularly.


Yeah, you'd HAVE to be drunk to read those books.


The LSAT? Pink, are you taking the LSAT? My s-i-l took it last year and now they're in Virginia, going to law school. Is that where we're going to read you from next? Your incarnation of Elle in pink at Law school?

Imagine what they'd say on MySpace!!! hee hee


Wait what? Law school? Wha? You are so smart. I want to get my masters in photography, I can't even imaging going to school for something as big as LEARNING THE LAW. I get a headache just thinking about it! I'm cheering you on... for the half marathon and the LSAT.


That's about as far as I can run (a quarter of a mile) before **I** would pass out, too. Maybe your experience will give me some needed motivation. Look at you, trying for a half marathon instead of something more reasonable like a 5k!! Crazy girl... :)


I am glad you are back. I have been checking faithfully every day...okay...several times a day, but you're back now. Woo hoo!



I'm so excited that you're running a 1/2! Which one are you doing? Santa Barbara has one in November that is really fun. xoxo

Pink Chihuahua Princess

yucky LSAT!

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