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October 02, 2006



Definitely the latter, if you did option (a) however I would be quite proud. Thanks for coming over this weekend by the way, I loved seeing you.


Gotta have them carbs!


I can tell you which one sounds more fun but kudos to you if you did go for option a.


It's fantasy football! It will control your life. How are you doing by the way?


Can you drink beer and train for a half marathon at the same time?


zerisor: Yeah, I didn't feel like reading all that, and it doesn't seem to pertain to today's blog on any level, so I just saved it for later. ;)

Anyway, my money is on B. Unless there actually is a way to be running, watching TV, drinking wine, and eating a basket of fried pickles with onion rings at the same time...


heee.. I'm gonna go with B. That would have totally been my choice, anyway. :)


I can't get over the thought of Merlot and fried pickles. Blech!!! I hope you are doing well at both football and the marathon though. You are definitely a better woman than I.



Well, you have to ease into 90 dollar running shoes! Merlot can be a fine anesthetic for blisters and toe cramps.

Besides, those football players run like greyhounds...


I'm going out on a limb here and guessing (b).

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