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October 05, 2006



I have NEVER had a cat visit the vet for dental work. Furthermore, I don't KNOW anyone who's taken their cat to the dentist. Do you have gills?


Oy. At least when I had to pay over $600 for my dog Murphy's surgery, I knew it was to keep him from getting CANCER. To pay that much for dental maintenance (maintenance!) is ridiculous.


start feeding your cat DRY CAT FOOD
it helps prevent PLAQUE and then you do not have to have expensive crap done to your cats teeth
BUy a toothbrush for your cat and brush their teeth yourself

Get those GREENIES...i think they are supposed to help cats teeth get cleaner


save your money for a Purse.
(hopefully a PINK one)



Actually, kitty dental work is pretty common. Expensive, and common.


Um, wtf? indeed!


In the early 90's, I used to work for a Vet who's special area was dental work for Dogs and Cats. He worked on Police Dogs from all the major city Police Department in the mid-west. The German Sheps would break a canine tooth and it would have to have a silver or gold grown put on it. It was quite amusing to see. We even had a working herding dog come down from KS because it was kick in the jaw and broke it. The only thing holding it on was the skin under the tongue. I have seen some incredible animal dental work. Once there was a 9 year old doberman come in and we did $1,000 woroth of work. When he came back in 4 weeks for a check up, he was a totally different dog. The germs and bacteria from the "crap" on his teeth was making him sick so once the bacteria was gone he acted like a pup.

**Dental care is just as important for our family pets as it is for ourselves and our children.


My cat was 12 years old when he died. We never took him to the dentist once. He did not die of bad teeth.

I just asked my boyfriend and he says his parents have taken their three very old (like 18 years) cats to have the tarter (tartar?) scraped off their teeth, but that's it.

This does not seem to be a good use of your hard-earned money if you ask me, which you didn't but I'm throwing in my two cents anyhow.

Bruce Small

Sounds about the right price for a feline dental. We have not taken ours in for a dental because he is a reformed feral and highly alert to the possibility of being stuck in a cage. Someone caught him once and had him neutered, and he apparently didn't like the procedure all that much. We have a vet come to the house once a year for shots because catching K-Kat is way too traumatic for the poor guy.


Yes but after the dental work Millie will have an exceptional smile just like yours. I can see the new masthead on sliceofpink, you and Millie showing off perfect smiles.


Your cat's teeth will be so clean that you can see your reflection in them.


LOL oh NO!


dude thats SCREAMS SCAM to me.

I think that HUMAN dental work is a scam.
just start to brush her teeth and give her flouride water.

unless they are like falling OUT@?@?!

i need more information.

Mr. SoPink

It's all BS. The cat's teeth are fine. She eats dry food exclusively. The work is supposedly preventative. I think it's the office's effort to bilk us out of more money, since I've said 'yes' so readily to everything else. They thought they could pad the bill a bit. Doc's got mouths to feed, ya know?


ha ha Will is awesome. I am looking into that finance job. I think a year as CFO for a high school club is enough experience to run a multi billion dollar fortune 500 company don't you?


I have never taken any of my kitties to a vet for dental work.(exception: once an abcess) Tell Millie I asaid Hi! Oooh maybe your doc has kittie grills, that would be nice.


Do you have pet insurance for your kitty? Hubby and I got it for the dog after he ate part of a rubber ball and cost us $1500 for extraction surgery. We just took him in for his yearly checkup and shots and they paid $122 of a $151 bill. Not too shabby.

Bethany Suzanne Coffey

Our cat Mikey had to have a tooth pulled last year and he's only four. We dicoverd this because he simply stopped eating. It was quite costly as I remember! But their SO worth it huh:) How is the college hunt going. Have you come to a decision and I just missed it. I was computerless for a good month and a half in August and Seotember but I finally graduated. Later mater


My Nikki kitty passed away of old age in February, after 17 years of a wonderful and ill free life, having NEVER been to the dentist.

Pink Chihuahua Princess

See, now I'm sure this won't suprise you, but I'd pay it for my little girls! Poor kitty.


oh my mom put like 750 in my other cat last year. pain the arse. and they get to be knocked out through it all.


I agree. My dog is almost 8 and has perfect teeth. Brusha brusha.

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