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October 03, 2006



i have that cookbook:))
I should use it.


While I am now certain that October and the pink ribbon are being whored out by everyone around, I must say I would not be sad to see these fabulous items in my Farmhouse Kitchen. :-)


Did you see Dirt Devil has a new vacuum called the Kone? One is pink. It made me think of you. :o) That, and the display of the pink mixer, toaster, and blender I saw the other day.


I was elated to recently receive a KitchenAid mixer for my wedding. Is it bad that when I registered I chickened out and got white? I love color, and I love pink (and tangering, cobalt, etc), but not knowing what my future home's kitchen looks like made it too hard to choose anything else. But pink...oh it is pretty!

royal leisure

wow! the pink kitchen gadgets are so sweet! i love them, i dun see them at all in my country. :(


ooh boy it's surely your month, eh?


I can't wait to buy pink kitchen items, that will be so exciting!


My dear, you can't get enough pink. No one can. However, I would like to see a new picture of you on daily snap. Hope you did well on your test.


Those items are great. I will take one of each.



Oh, I sooo want that Pink KitchenAid!! But I don't think the hubby would go for it. Although, all he ever uses is the BBQ...hmm...I'm sure I can justify it somehow, hehe.


I have that cookbook and I use it. It is totally falling apart1

Bethany Suzanne Coffey

Don't you love this stuff, we have it all but in red. We're going for that red, silver retro look....when we have a house that it. Cart before the horse you know!


Went to Bed, Bath & Beyond the other day. Pink kitchen accessories where everywhere! And to the Janet who chickened out an got white.. who cares what your future kitchen would look like.. just design your kitchen around the mixer, the pink mixer that is.

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