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July 06, 2006



Ahh, yes, Netflix...I think I'm the LAST person on earth not to have it, mainly because we a) have cable with the DVR- (husband loves TV) b) we're foolishly fond of our local video store and the kooky guys that work there.

So I'm not the only one who goes in for documentaries, huh? Y'all come on up for the French or Greek festivals, will ya?

PS. May I add S.O.P. to my links?


Oh, that is so very embarrassing (about the Redneck Roundup movie being so popular right now). I guess I got out of the area just in time -- before I got corrupted, that is. :)


I love the AV But seriously, it's so us. Did you happen to catch what Berkeley's is?


#1: a documentary on Berkeley;
#2: a documentary on Craigslist;
#3 and on: foreign films. :o)


Did I know you lived in DC? I forget. I have a kid and very little sleep ;-)


We are netfix obsessed. We each have our own account. We also think we are the only people in Baltimore who rent because the most popular movies in Baltimore (no matter how obscure) is always from our queue. And I refuse to believe that everyone is watching the same Korean comedies we are.


I live in San Antonio and I just looked up the number one movie and it's the alamo. We are so predictable down here.


We have two physically present TVs, and one set of bunny ears, but the only time they get used is if we stay home because of a hurricane - we need the weather report.

We have Blockbuster online, but we use the two in-store coupons each month to rent video games. They just lure us in.

I would never go back to having cable. I am glad there's more folks that are on the same plan. :)


That's hilarious. Last week my husband and I saw the documentary Favela Rising which was really good and there's an Indian (as in from India, not Native American;-)) movie out now called Water that looks really good. In Boise, Idaho, where we live, I'm sure the #1 movie is something similar to that Redneck one. Lots o' rednecks to be found around here!


Funny!! I love, love, love foreign films and documentaries. I live in the DC area so you must try out: Amores Perros (Life's a bitch) and Mad Hot Ballroom. Both excellent films!


I do not have a TV, either! I mean I don't even have the machine in my house! For some reason, knowing this fact makes some people very uncomfortable, so I don't mention it unless I am pressed. It's not like I go around bragging about it.

I don't have it not because it gives me a sense of moral superiority but because I can't stop watching it when I do. Kind of for the same reason I don't keep ice cream in my freezer. If there are sweets in my house, I cannot rest until they are gone.

I have replaced TV addiction with blogging. That's healthier, don't you think?

Keith Demko

You are very, very right .. without Netflix, the world would suck a whole lot more

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