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July 31, 2006



Janet, Just a reminder. If you are taking antibiotic, don't drink alcohol. So, don't take the antibiotics until you get back. It will fuck up your liver.


oh God. I just found out that if you drink and take the antibiotics you can get a yeast infection in your mouth. Throw the pills away.


Ahem... not just in your mouth... (icky! but true) do take care. That sucks though - try and see if you can work an on-sale Burburry something into your per diem... LOL


Forget yeast infections, just have a good time. I figure the alcohol is going to kill the little critters anyway. The fun starts when you mix the vicodin with the alcohol, but I wouldn't know. Hey wait a second, my tax dollars are going to your awesome kind of vacation/conference thing? Eh, i can deal with that. Gotta love the Apple store though.

ally bean

San Diego . . . sigh. I love San Diego-- with or without comp'ed booze!



LoL! My hubby assures me that business travel is not all its cracked up to be, and I'm sure it would lose it's sheen if you had to do it every month for a week like he does, but as I never have to do it, I find myself wanting a week where everyone parks my car for me and calls me "ma'am" (without adding "you're making a scene") and I can eat sushi whenever I want, no matter the cost (hubby can even have al-key-hol). Ahhh... someday. :)


free wine, sounds great, though I hope you aren't still on the vicodin with it though.

Mr SoPink

Benji, you don't have tax dollars!


Yeah I do, I worked for 8 weeks last summer for a little place called NASA. Ok you're right, I don't have taxes except for the 8.25% I pay every time I buy something, but since I am liberal I love taxes!


Eating pure yogurt, not the fat-free or low-fat stuff, but regular yogurt, will curb away any potential yeast infections. My mom had major foot surgery, replacing one of her joints and had to take really strong antibitics, her doc said to eat about one serving per day and it restores the good bacteria back into your system so that yeast doesn't form.

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