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July 27, 2006



At least you'll be cute on your way home. :)

I've been avoiding having my wisdom tooth out...yes, tooth. I only have 1. I guess I'm not that wise. :)


LOL! That DOES suck. I am almost 26 and have never had mine pulled ... I don't seem to have any. My sis said it wasn't as bad as everyone made it out to be ... and she enjoyed the fun drugs. And at least you'll look cute!


There are worse places to go when you're looking cute and your hair is flippy. ;-)


Are you sure you aren't going to make a stop at Target or the bakery? We know how you love Target.


Does the insurance co-pay count against your budget?


Good luck! Eat lots of ice cream.

I was 15 (barely) when I had mine pulled, which now seems really early. But I hope you will not find yourself like I was at the time, drunk from anesthesia and barfing on my HOT HOT oral surgeon.


Good luck with the teeth! Hope you'll feel better quickly.
And I so know what you mean about wasting a looking cute day. Of course the one day your hair won't behave and you break out is the day you run into EVERYONE you know!


Wisdom teeth out...no fun. But isn't that how it goes... when we aren't all dressed up -- that is usually when we run into everyone.


: ) Tee hee. I remember that. After about one and a half days I hated applesauce.


Aww well you and Craft have something to talk about, I guess he just got his out too. Good luck, I'll be thinking about you and hoping you have a quick recovery.

I think I beat everyone though, I got mine out at 9. That's when I lost all of my wisdom.


I am wishing you a quick recovery from your dental surgery. My wisdom teeth came out in a hospital because they were attached to the jaw bone. I looked like a chipmonk the next day.


Well, that's no fun! Good luck!


How's the cat diet going?? Hope it works!


Ewwwww! Wisdom teeth removal SUCKS!!!! (Been there, done that.) :)

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