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July 11, 2006



Trash them with wild underwear abandon.

ally bean

I'm with Chris. Live for the moment!! Give 'em a toss.


I am sure they are yours! Toss 'em!


maybe you can post a note saying "if these are not gone by [insert date here], they're getting thrown away".

and then go from there.


this happened to me, except it was a sock and it was on the sidewalk a block from home. Worst part is, I have washer/dryer in my house - it had gotten stuck to my sweatshirt and fallen off! (cheap-o dryer sheets)

I did not pick up and have always felt guilty. If you toss, I'll feel a little better.


I say wear them and dance and if there were not yours they are now!!! I would toss them, but it would be a funny story.


That made me laugh! If they belong to someone else, I imagine they are thinking the same thing you are...what if???


It is time to end your lingerie exhibitionism, toss the offending undergarments. (Oh, I don't mean your undergarments are offensive!)

Then I think you must demand that Will by you several new pairs of underwear for misplacing your favourite pair.

Also, just be good that this did not happen to your raunchy stripper style g-strings, that have your name on the tag!


Well I am intrigued. If the hot boy-shorts are yours...then what kind were the other undies?


I am going to go against the grain here and recommend that you just claim the panties and start wearing them again! But first, check your undies drawer and make sure those same boy shorts aren't there just hiding in a corner or something, thereby proving me wrong.


That is so funny. If it was me, even if I was 90% sure they were mine, I would be extremely skeptical about taking them back with me.


Even if someone else does take them, you still have to wonder.. were they really yours and now someone else is wearing them? Ponder that.


Who cares if it's rude. You'll sleep better at night. Plus you won't have to be reminded of them everytime you launder:)

H.A. Page

If Superman can wear his kryptonite panties on the outside (looks like a codpiece) -- then we can pretty much do anything, imo.


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