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July 18, 2006


ally bean

"I have no idea why I did this."

You defaulted into adult programming when you cleaned the house in anticipation of house guests. Nothing to be ashamed of. Happens to all of us.

Good though that you're teenage girl programming kicked in and you got the Dr. Pepper. Lack of soda could of been a real disaster!


You tidyed (sp) up the fridge and you didn't take a picture for us?


Hmm, sounds bad just knowing what four boys can do in a hotel room, I can't imagine what they did to your home. At least we were kept away from the hotel most of the time, except for sleeping.


you are too too nice!

but they all thought you were probably the coolest.


LOL. Don't worry I appreciate your cleaning, at least when Benji and I are over.


Did you really say TEN teenagers? You must be the nicest person ever....and the bravest!


Here's the question, does it make you wax nostalgic for your teenage years or make you thankful that they are over?

Pink Chihuahua Princess

Oh man! That sounds really gross. Oh well, just think of all the calories you'll burn cleaning all that up.


What? Are you kidding me? Ten teenagers in your apartment? You and Will must be saints to put up with all of that. :)


I learned that Pizza, soft drinks, chips, m & Ms (real fun to clean up if they get stepped on) and brownies (NO NUTS) are all I need to set out any time for teens.

Made life simple.
And yes, the cleanup is afterwards...with the teens helping.


Tickled Pink/Nicole

You have such a great spirit. The Teddy Bear Fondation sounds wonder-full, and what amazingly important work they're doing, but I think you could perhaps sew them a better mascot costume. It's a little scary.


Ahh, but Janet -
Tis a far, far better thing that you went into 'adult' mode for teenagers than 'teenager' mode for adults. (Coughs)

Not that I would know about that. Heh.

PS thanks for the nice note, am feeling much better due to masses of steriods (no more Franken-neck) and Penicillin (got to eat a 1/4 bagel today! yeah!)



:) Teenagers have a bad habit of staying up very late at night. Have you gotten any sleep?


I've still got that vicodin, should you need something for the headache when it's all over.

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