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July 23, 2006



Pretty funny stuff, I am not surprised at Will's choice in shirts though, the graph paper is a good one. Did you visit David while you were up there?


I don't know you.
I'm not a 20-something.
I'm not married.
I'm not a teacher.
One would think we have zero in common.
I found your blog through a link from a link from a link.
And I read it every couple of days and laugh my head off.
Your writing is hilarious.
You must write a book!
Thanks for the laughs.

Las Vegas


Cute! Those are great pictures and what a wonderful tradition! You have a great family.


Hee hee! That's funny!

ally bean

good girls. bad boys. does it ever change?!!


What a nice tradition. My mom's side of the fam does family reunions every 2 years, and that's pretty fun. But that seems a bit easier ... ;)

H.A. Page

Which one is you???

Getting together is a blast w/ family!!!

Thanks for adding to the blogroll!
MOtherPie Cheers.


Who' s the cutie patootie blonde? hehe.
Your family has very good genes. *wink*


Silly boys - they never behave...cute pics though...looks like tons of fun!


It somehow doesn't surprise me. :)


You are making me so homesick for my family. They get together every saturday night over food and completely meaningless conversation.


Aww, thats sweet. Thanks Janet for sticking with me even though i'm going through a posting drought. I promise to be better soon. Man my beauty page the poor neglected thing...I need to get on that too. I miss my family. I really think thats the biggest part of my funk! You look as charming an Natalie Wood-esque as ever.


Ha ha! That's just like how picture taking is with the hubby. I just went through our monthly recap family pictures and I think there was only one pathetic not even a real smile, smile.


That's hilarious. Absolutely no effort from the guys.


Very cool tradition!! Great pictures too!


The enthusiasm pic is hysterical! HEHE!

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