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July 21, 2006



I know a lot of people just say "lol" but I was seriously laughing pretty hard after that last sentence there.


Seriously...we were underwhelmed with Pirates II. Even staring that Johnny Scissorhands guy. ;) I'd wait for Netflix.


haha donnie is funny.

I loved the movie. I liked it better than the 1st one.

ally bean

love the story. very funny. :-)

... and you can get a ticket for not having a front plate? yikes, i'm in trouble now.


hehe. At least he didn't say, "It's that guy from that show 21 Jump Street." Remember that one? That show introduced me to the heart throb that is currently known as Johnny Depp.


I heart Donnie.


Johnny Scissorfields. Haha. I needed a laugh.


So you have not gotten a ticket for no front plate from 1998 until now? Here in Michigan, you only need the rear plate. Do they really hand out 2 renewal stickers when you renew your plates?

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