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July 25, 2006



Looks like the robotics team found a new CFO, congrats Will.

Pink Chihuahua Princess

I'll have to make that recipe for my husband this week. It sounds like something he'd like.

Good luck with your new budget.


Are you going to keep track of everything on your blog like you did with the June Money Madness? Can't wait to see your success!:-)


Yum, the recipe sounds not only delicious, but EASY! I am definitely going to try it. Good luck with your budget!


Oh, I'm so with you. However, my internship put me on a budget by not PAYING me for the year. S i g h. So, no dresses for me. I hope they enjoy seeing me in the same darn outfits every week...

On a related note, years ago IZ got fed up with my shoe fetish and announced, "For every pair you bring home you have to give up a pair." I laughed my fool head off at him, because, ahem, he's not the boss of me. However, he had a point.

But don't tell him, kay? Cause I'm not giving up any shoes.


Yeah so where in that budget do pink Crocs Mary Janes fit?


I can't believe what you spent $1100 on in the month of June. I guess if you have it to spend, then spend it.


I have done this budget and it is not fun! My gas money came out of my weekly money and that is sixty five dollars out of my hundred that I took out. (I didn't give myself a $20 buffer) I lasted about two months and then I went on shopping spree... so um yeah it didn't work out so well for me. But your husband will be your champion so I'm sure that will make all the difference! Good Luck!


I think that is a great idea. It will be intersting to see how it goes. It is hard for me to stay on budget....


I have the same reaction to the budget word. However, it's a very smart thing to do. Good luck! :)


Good luck on the budget - I am def. NOT the numbers person in our house and so I never seem to know how much is in our accounts or not - so my hubby lets me believe we never have any money so then I won't spend. Hrmmmm...sounds like I need to be more involved! Ha!


oh lord. we've tried budgeting a lot and it's never stuck. we don't live beyond our means, but we probably also don't save as much as we should ... thank god for automatic deduction, or all the $$ would go straight to Target. tricky buggers.

ally bean

"I'm on a budget."

My condolences.


A Target just opened up here and I've become addicted. Good luck with your budget, I can definitely see how Target would put you in the hole. I'm avoiding it for the sake of my wallet.


I do think you should post it like you did June Money Madness. This will be interesting. I want to get on a budget, but I have not idea what should be included. Good luck Janet, I feel for ya and I'm proud of ya.



You can do it, girl! I have faith in you. :)


You can do this Janet! Remember when you started the June Madness? I told you that I went on a spending diet for just 21 days. During those 21 days, I bought necessities only. Gas, lunch, diapers, etc, that sort of thing. I used my debit card for everything from a pack of gum (which is not on that necessities list) to phone bill (yes, that was part of my pay-out).. anyway, at the end of this diet, I had an extra $1000 in my checking account. My husband was ecstatic. And yes, I avoided Target as a place to buy any of my "necessities."


I really need to do this. Except half my stuff is now wedding-related. I keep telling myself I will do it after the wedding. It might be a shock to the system. Good luck!!!


Janet, I think that you should carpool to work with William, this should save some of the money you would normally spend on gas and give you a little extra money for the necessities such as Target shopping. Just a thought! I also think that you should celebrate your new budget with a new outfit.


Acck- a budget? That does not sound like fun. Good luck!


So budgets are hard, but your recipe sounds really good. I'm in China and not even close to any form or variation of Mexican food or even cheddar cheese, but after reading your recipe all I can think of is really good cheese and sour cream. Apparently most of this country is lactose intolerant, and this results in a huge hole in the supermarket where good cheese should be. I'll have to try the recipe when I get home.


I saw June Money Madness and the envy increased as I scrolled. I compared, and I spent 80 dollars last month (60 on gas), where you spent over a thousand! I wanted a shopping spree... :)


I think your budget is great.

I wish wholeheartedly that I could be one of those "numbers mean nothing to me, I don't even know what's in the account" people. Next time your hubby drives you nuts with his hyperorganization, just remember it's not easy being a slave to your inner control freak.

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