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July 29, 2006



I want to see the chipmonk cheeks! I know you have them, at least a little. Come on...enquiring minds want to see!


thats just weird.


Uh, wow. Janet, you are one dedicated pill-popper.

I used to have trouble swallowing pills, too. Have no idea how I got over that one, but I think it involved my mom buying me a lot of M&Ms to "practice" with.


Wait... you're mixing vicodin with jello? Gives new meaning to jello shots. :) (yeah, yeah, I know it's pudding in your case, but maybe it should be jello, huh?)


Are you OCD?


You definitely make taking pills interesting! LOL!! Hope you're feeling better soon!


Oh, that sucks! But here's the good thing about getting your wisdom teeth out. Two words: Chocolate milkshakes.


I knew I liked you for a reason! I am the SAME WAY! I can't swallow a pill to save my life. I have been laughed at by friends who think my ritual (pill crushing) is oh so funny. Do you get all sorts of hints from friends and you have to yell at them that doesn't work for me! Or questions that are just stupid like, how do you swallow food? I glare at them and sometimes I give them the finger. I'm nice that way.


Ugh... wisdom teeth - actually DO NOT suck anything out of a straw because: Dry sockets! I hear they suck. I got mine out shortly after we got engaged, so Scott picked me up and took care of me (v. sweet). Hopefully you've got a good nurse or two and the Vicoden shots go down like....puddin'.

Take care!

Pink Chihuahua Princess

Whoa. This sure does sound like a lot of work. Things will be better in no time. Promise!

ally bean

love this. so true. so funny.


my fiance is the same way with pills whereas i can swallow three horse pills at once. i giggle at him when he can manage to force down one advil without gagging and coughing it back up.


Oh, my gosh! No way! You are so silly. :) How in the world did you ever come up with this method? (Whatever works, right?)


It's about time you got your own Vicodin. And as for your method of getting it in your system. OMG!! I can swallow about 4 pills all at once. I can't imagine having to create such a regimen to swallow a pill, how hilarious!

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