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July 10, 2006



oooh, bocce is one of my summer faves, and you *do* have good form!


At least you had a good time right?


I know how competitive Will is, so his "sad face" doesn’t surprise me! But I would have to agree with you – you looked cute playing, and that’s all that matters. :)

(I can say that because I am NOT GOOD at sports. At least I admit it.)


Man, I haven't played bocce since I was a kid and we had a set at the house. Of course, I never looked particularly good playing...but those were the awkward years.


We love playing this game - that is until Ryan decides it's fun to play in the park and throw the yellow ball (white in your case) so far that it's absolutely impossible for the girls to get close...I think there's a limit to how far the ball can be thrown, but he doesn't believe me.

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