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July 14, 2006


Pink Chihuahua Princess

All for him, of course. :)


The article says the locals refer to the area as the "Southland" - I don't know anyone who calls it that, do you? Nobody except local news reporters...

Anyway, if do go, don't forget to stop by Westwood and grab some cookies at Diddy Reise - when I was in college, they were 25 cents each - and totally yummy. Or you can get an ice cream sandwich (2 cookies with ice-cream in the middle) for only a buck. Yum!


I don't call it the "Southland" and I also don't know anybody who does. People watch too much tv.

Diddy Reise is one of my favorite places to go! I get mint and chip ice cream sandwiched between some chocolate chip walnut cookies. Mmmmm.

Or, butter pecan sandwiched between some snickerdoodles. Yum.


I know NOTHING about Cali, but I will totally agree with you on that Adrian Grenier love you have going on in the sidebar!


Ha! Ironically I haven't been to many of these places. I say, "road trip!" lol.


I loved going to Ditty Reise when I lived in CA, too! It is such a great deal and in such a fun part of town.


you're so thoughful and giving...


it's all. for. him.



Oy. So glad the hubby isn't into sports. Though the non-sports-related stuff doesn't sound half bad.


Ah, sounds like SO MUCH FUN. My last trip back to Mecca (AKA Los Angeles) I stayed in a bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel. There was an acre of marble and electric curtains in the bathroom. I would have been happy not to have left the hotel. Except to go to the Getty. Took my lovers picture in front of the restroom in the park across the street from the hotel. That's where George Michael got friendly with a cop. When we got home I photoshopped Mr. Michael in to the picture and had it printed on mugs. Love that!

Fun blog. I surrender.


I know of a couple of great little hole in the wall fast food type stands - Tommy's original world famous hamburger-2575 Beverly Blvd. (near Rampart) and if you like Mexican food - Tito's Taco 11222 Washington Pl. in Culver City. (just off Sepulveda)
These places have lines whatever time of day or night you go.


We just bought ticket to LA, maybe I need to check out this plan...

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