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June 03, 2006




They must really really love you!


Great photos! Looks like fun!


You are so involved with your students, you must be the favoritest teacher ever!


How cute! xoxo


So which one of the students did it? Give me names.


Hey Janet, i'd say it dosent really matter. The one I use is called white, but it's really more of a light beige. I have never seen an actual white. I don't think it matters what your skin tone is. Altough I'm jealous of your olive skin!!!


I have always prefered cheap mascara to expensive ones with the exception of Dior show and Lancome' Hypnose. I love maybeline sky high lash. And i've heard really good things about blinc. Supposedly it's great becuase it actually coats the lashes with little tubes of color? and washes off easily, I have never tried it however. Ooh, I also love Maybeline Lash expansion. I have never had anything make my lashes longer!


Brrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! You're so good to those kids. :)


you're so lucky to still look so cute when completely soaked!

looks like it was fun!

Nothing But Bonfires

Bravo -- you obviously wore a good mascara that day!

Pink Chihuahua Princess

Hey girl. I went to the target couture website yesterday and it made me think of you. It looks like lots of stuff you would love (albeit a little pricey--which could go against your June Money Madness). But, hey. There's always July. hehe

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