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June 17, 2006



Yes last night's party was a lot of good clean fun. Just socializing with good people and hanging out as we all tend to do. I enjoyed the fruit and veggies, I thought if I didnt eat them, no one would. "Chicken for the vegetarians" - cracks me up.

Pink Chihuahua Princess

Gee, I wonder how you would live as a married couple if it weren't on your own.

After each semester in law school there was a big bonfire party where you could go a burn your law books from that previous semester. Of course, as in any law school function there was tremendous drinking and lots of juicy secrets. But, the burning of knowledge was there as well.


What is chlorophyl water?


That was really funny. I know whos book you read as well at what his clorophyl water is. That was a very fun night I will see you soon!

H.A. Page

I loved this whole post and I love the book list that you are reading.

Rescued writings from the fire. That could make a good topic for a book. Or inspired writing...

You sound like a wonderful teacher.



I guess we should be happy there was no hard alcohol flying solo on that list? That White Zin makes the list cracks me up.

The party sounds like fun. :)


My son is 18 and just graduate from high school.. wonder if that's how he thinks.

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