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June 15, 2006



Hell yeah lady, you go take advantage of that. Damn I thought that WE had a good one. The massage alone pretty much puts you like in the 100th percentile of the greatest insurance plans EVER!!!


Really?! Hey where's my insurance plan paperwork? Now I need to find out what we get!


$12 massages. Damn. Take advantage of that! Oh, and hook me up okay?


Want to adopt me?


massage fro 12? marry me!!!


Thank goodness my mom is a teacher and I am covered until I am like 25, I think the summer is starting to stress me out. Do you know of any places that give facials for like $10 because of the insurance?


consider yourself VERRRY lucky!


Wow. I bet you no one in that plan ever uses the free mental health because everyone is always so blissed out from those cheap massages.

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This comment is about three years late, but I just saw it from your link today. :) I had to post because when I was on my mom's insurance I could totally get the chiro massages for nothing. Aaahhhhhh. I miss those days of being in college and a dependent of my parents'.

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