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May 12, 2006



Wow... I love her work. :)

Nice to be appreciated.


That's so awesome. Those kids have class! xoxo


Love the bracelet! How sweet of them! Cannot wait to see their view of things.


Sounds like you're really devoted to your job. That's awesome.

I love the bracelet!

Pink Chihuahua Princess

Flowers and a bracelet are such a sweet gift and gesture. You must be a very talented teacher for so many of your students to pass that hard test, and for them to spend their time and money getting you these gifts. Good Job Mrs. Pink!


Wow! I've never heard of anyone in any class I ever attended doing something like that for a teacher. Pretty good proof that you made a good impression during your first "offical" year as a teacher. :)


Teachers are what make the future, the future. (and the bracelet is really cute too.)


i don't know of said bracelet designer! It's gorgeous, what taste your kids have!!!

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