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April 06, 2006



*hands Ms. Wallace a bottle of Extra Strength Excedrine.*

Be sure to drink water with that!


At least you have an intelligent Mr. Wallace and you're not always surrounded by stupidity, like when you sleep I am sure stupid things aren't around. (talk about stupid I just ended that sentence with a preposition) There's always solace with them robotics kids.ok kind of only half joking there.


Hey Janet... I have some Vicodin if you want it!!!


That is absolute insanity, my dear. ALL of it!


At least I'm not alone with having to deal with stupid people.


Still no transcripts? OMFG! I think stupidity from adults is a lot worse. I've got a supply of Vicodin too if you need it.


These are hysterical. My favorite is the one about the James Blunt song. I heard a rumor that it was about a man seeing the ghost of his dead wife. (WTF?) Either way, not a tune to set the scene for wedded bliss.

In 2000, my sister and the rest of the members of her senior class brought their romantic night to a close with "My Heart Will Go On." Talk about depressing! (Although, even more depressing is the fact that I can't for the life of me remember the song for MY senior prom, and mine was only two years before hers.)

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