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April 05, 2006



Agree... Agree... Agree. Thank you for finally putting this into words for the rest of us who, like you, seem slightly intimidated by Martha Stewart's craft projects :).


Hahahaha. I have never attempted to keep up with Martha because reality tells me I can't. I love her magazine because the pictures are so pretty and if I had many assistants at my disposal, I am sure I could be just like Martha....but without the criminal background. :0)


ooh yeah for marthas newest issue
i want to make the chocolate
filled easter eggs.

i think i might make them for my little cousins who will be around for easter


i have to try the tequila sorbet
none of that will be for the kiddies though....

reluctant housewife

This why I cancelled my "Living" subscription and now subscribe to her "everyday food".

Same taste. A third of the work.

PS: Have you finished the Kite Runner yet? Isn't it haunting?


Sometimes I come across the precious lines in someone's post that I will forever remember. Your last line? Was one of them. If you write a book, include that.



As I stood in line at the checkout and casually looked down gazing at each magazine, the glitter easter eggs caught my eye, because I love anything that sparkles. I thought, "Those are pretty, but remember Malia, that is why you no longer subscribe to Martha Stewart Living, none of the things are doable for us average folk." I gave in and bought it anyways. I had your very same thoughts while skimming through the pages, "Oh my gosh, I could actually do some of this stuff." Thank you Martha. Perhaps some of your time with the not-so-wealthy types taught YOU a thing or two.



Seriously, I get her magazine and it's not been good for my self-esteem in the domestic goddess depatment. I agree with you, more user friendly, thanks:)


You are quite possibly the funniest person since my sister! You freakin' rock, girl!

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