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April 23, 2006



Well you wore the one earring thing so well, we all probably thought you were just starting your own fad and were thinking of how we could jump on the now cool bandwagon. Prom was fun though, eh?


I agree with Benji -- they probably didn't want to seem "uncool" themselves by pointing out what they thought you did on purpose. Cute earrings, by the way!


Wow, you have GREAT SKIN. I am jealous. What products do you use?


Oh -- and I totally would've mentioned the earring thing. Mostly out of a need to know if my usual earring duo is outdated. Because I must keep up with the trends.


No, no they are not hard to miss. Who knows sometimes I notice something about someone that should be pointed out but for some reason my brain just dosent form the words. It's weird people are always like "why didn't you tell me I had something in my teeth" and i'm like "I don't know cause I totally noticed" Mybe i'm conscous but sub-conscously so.


I can't believe NO ONE mentioned it. I always tell people when they're missing an earring.

royal leisure

i probably wouldn't mention it too even if i notice it, since it's not too uncommon for young people to wear a huge earring on just one side. :)


I know nothing about the earring thing but the robot pitch thing is pretty cool ;-) Great pic too.


I could speculate as to why you are so tired, but I won't. As for the earring, I bet I wouldn't say anything at first, but after a couple of times seeing you like that, I would be like, "WTF?"



I don't know about the earring, but day-um, that's a great picture of you!


Only if I didn't have my glasses on!


I bet you went back to school today and everyone was doing the whole "one earring" thing... :)

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