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April 16, 2006



Ha ha, I love you guys, seriously you're both two of my favorite people. You should know this will be one of the last things I read before I go to bed and begin a week of school ahead.


i have said it before I will say it again.

ally bean

“You should never experiment with a Venti.”

words of wisdom for all of life. profound and neat-- what a guy!


very funny story.
i have wondered the very same thing about Jo Ann fabric. Why not Jo Ann's?????

it's an enigma

right brained gal

Of all the blogs I read, I find yours the most entertaining and it always picks me up. Keep up the good work. You have a real gift.


So I think I know why the store is named Jo-Ann instead of Jo-Ann's. It may be because none of the founders were named Jo-Ann.

"Hilda and Berthold Reich, along with their friends, Sigmund and Mathilda Rohrbach, founded the business in 1943. Both immigrant couples from Nazi Germany, they came to Cleveland, Ohio, to start a new life. Mr. Reich had been importing cheese in a small east-side storefront when the Rohrbachs approached him to sell fabrics. (The Rohrbachs' son, Max, was a fabric salesman whose company offered to supply them with remnants to start.)"

I was bored in Physics II, lol.


my first time here and i busted out laughing!

first cause we shop at the same stores and second just because the story was funny, and sweet!


Dude, I totally get the "being with Mr. Clean" thing! My boyfriend puts me to shame on the whole cleanliness thing.


Does Target overcharge for the Dyson? I need to know!

My husband is the opposite of Mr. Clean.

As for the JoAnn/JoAnn's thing, I've been saying it wrong all this time. It used to drive me crazy when people said Nordstrom's, it's just Nordstrom. I know. I worked there for 2 very long years. Get your fancy schmancy store names right people.


I feel that your husband and I might be related. I for one make those same jokes when I am shopping with my friends to their utmost embarrassment, and I love to vacuum. I fear for my future husband.


Janet my girl. Your husband sounds adorable. This sounds like an afternoon that Dane and I would have. Jokes, shopping, vacuum cleaners. Except Danes obsession is kitchen stuff. He MUST peruse the kitchen stuff aisles of whatever store we are in. He loves the shit and thinks that there is always something new that will turn him into the ful blown Alton Brown that he aspires to be. It's really cute when your boy gets all domestic huh!!!


Yours too? Meanwhile, I'm the slob of the century.

When IZ was four or five, his mom said he used to slip into the back rooms of stores to find out what kind of vacuum cleaner they used to clean the store. Heh. He knew all the brands and all the "perks" of each--Of course, she told me this after I married him.

Needless to say, shopping for a new vacuum cleaner always takes more time than buying a new car.


Great entry. I had to laugh at the Venti quote, because this weekend I saw the blackberry green tea thing on a placard in Barnes & Noble. I pointed it out to my companion and said "What the fuck? Who made up THAT combination?"


Too funny! My aunt is always wondering about the Joann/Joann's thing herself. :)


too funny - my husbands's favorite gift from our wedding was the vacuum (purchased by gift card) so I had to laugh out loud at that one.

Just found you... making it a favorite!

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