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April 20, 2006


ally bean

looks more like a nightmare to me than a dream. but then Martha must know best. stil...


I bet the spun sugar crown pokes into your gums and inner cheeks when you eat it.


oh how i love martha...
i have always wanted to try this
BUT alas
I have not enough time to find
a blowtorch..melt down the sugar...then let it harden again
into the lovely shape of a birds nest

it does look mighty dreamy though...if i could only dream about being able to make that

ha ha ha


I tried to make one of her cakes once and I believe she had said something to the effect of so easy a child could do it. MY ASS! I almost killed myself trying to make this cake for a Christmas party. Stupid Martha Stewart.


Hey Girl, It's been a while since I have been in so I am catching up with your life...
That looks like a cake with hair...lol. Gotta luv good 'ole Martha!!!

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