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April 12, 2006



I will do my best in Atlanta, how does that sound? lol.


Yeah - Janet - just bring the laundry to the ATL, and ... um, bring the Hershey's Kisssed too... I'll trade you for my Junior Mints.


I'll do it as long as you pay me what The Donald pays his new Apprentice's. Oh and I'd like the new sports car too!


Yikes! I will need an assistant to help me do almost all those things, while I help you do all those things.



Keep me in mind, I will need something when I get fired from this job.

I am a hard worker and dedicated too. I will shamelessly firlt with you and your friends. Oh the times we will have. Then I will fall in love with you and plot to kill your husband and make you mine. Oh the times we will have!


I've tried. I'll do my best for E block. <3


Heh... I already have this job. My employer calls me "mom". :D


I am definitely in. I'll do all that and more. I have to come from Ventura to do it, but i'm sure it will be a rich and rewarding experience. Besides, what else do I have to do other than cater to your every wish and fancy.


OK, I am a little late but the spark thing is not good. Apple will replace the cord - at least they did ours! Good luck with it. :)


i think i am borderline obsessed with you in a completely non-lesbian sort-of a way.

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